Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A watercolour painting turns into an immersive interior| Health and design| POH – the new vintage experience by Sumessh Menon| and more

Dining is an experience for all senses; Progressive|Oriental|House (POH) by Sumessh Menon with its rich cultural influences adopted from South East Asia does exactly that; if not more!
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Dear IAnDians,

Three hospitality spaces dominate this week's fare. It seems like a global phenomenon - eateries mushrooming everywhere and going out of their way to engage with their clientele. The routes to connect with the diners are so diverse, path-breaking even, leading to a literal splitting of hair - cultural nuances and lifestyles are being minutely observed to cater to individualistic aspirations. A pursuance that is opening new doors in design. Like the Enigma restaurant in London, where a close collaboration between RCR Arquitectes and stone manufacturer, Neolith has beautifully transferred a watercolour painting into an immersive interior!

The next big topic of discussion in today's times is health and combining both seems the best way forward; illustrated in the therapeutic health café design by Studio Bipolar. Take a look and leave us your views.

This and much more!

Savitha Hira




Give your home that rug-ged edge!
Love rugs but are reticent about how to use them? Here is a wee guide to help you perfect your rug style!
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Dining amid nature!
Studio Bipolar’s health café design endorses nature as the ultimate therapeutic!
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global hop

The new old!
i29 Architecture designs full-of-life interiors for Schouw Informatisering, a workspace marked by distinct planning and lively colours and textures…
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An air of mystery - this is Enigma!
RCR Arquitectes helps Neolith® bring to life a watercolour design on sintered stone! What’s more, it becomes the soul of London’s...
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