Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Multi facets are integral to design

mimaristudio’s animated design and perky interior lends personality to the 4500 sq. m. headquarters of Turkish packaging company, ISPAK Ambalaj in Istanbul, and leaves a colourful mark…
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Dear IAnDian,

Design anywhere - across all fields - even in its finer nuances - can never be viewed in isolation. The changing socio-cultural ethos demands a relook at the way we perceive our living spaces. In fact, it is reciprocal in many ways: the design informs behaviour and vice versa.

Our stories this week explore this phenomenon as we touch upon the science behind luxury retail; the perennial going back to the roots - to the science of Vaastu; and the progressive office-design idiom that seems in a continuous state of reflux. Yet, still, one can't help admiring the reinvention of the theme, where predominantly, colour and light play the showstoppers. Our cover story illustrates this rather dramatically. Need I say more?

Enjoy the discoveries...

Savitha Hira



The vibes of Vaastu Shastra
A centrally-carved courtyard forms the fulcrum of this 3,500 sq. ft. bungalow, designed and built by Chitte Associates in strict adherence to Vaastu Shastra principles…
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The modern workplace
Designers Kruti and Vipul Sukhadia of Sharan Architecture + Design design a distinct office space for
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global hop

The fusion of art and architecture
Ar. Jean Verville in his inimitable philosophic style, glorifies the architecture of the neo-Gothic church in Quebec by orchestrating the scenography of artist France Goneau’s most recent ceramic sculptures…
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Of luxury boutiques and brand identities
Chanel’s brand-new Buenos Aires boutique flaunts Claudio Kaczka’s brilliance in crafting luxury retail spaces with elements that inspire and enthral.
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