Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Design can inspire change

Thought n Impact
One world, one love. A celebration of humanity. Karim Rashid’s architectural proposal for the Church of Globalove suggests exactly that.
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Dear IAnDian,

Two stories stand apart from the milieu in what we offer you this week. Both clearly elucidate that design can inspire change. Our cover story that brings you renowned designer Karim Rashid's musings in the form of 'The Church of Globalove' is a space that he proposes as a replicable model - meditative and introspective - that will prove influential in changing the outlook, attitude and consequently, the behaviour of fellow human beings.

As if on cue is our story on the change in billboard design by Zaha Hadid Design, where an organic billboard creates an excitement among the onlookers and can perhaps be the change that the marketing and advertising worlds are continually aspiring for.

Starting tomorrow, we bring you the Open-to-sky Spaces Special Week - a new story each day all through the coming week that will trace the essence of and highlight various private outdoor spaces, and what makes them so desirable. So, stay tuned in!

Savitha Hira



Home is what the heart desires!
Interiors by Ranjani (IBR Designs) crafts a home that reflects the several little things that make life a big celebration...
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The white canvas!
Almost any hue, form and spatial configuration holds its own against a white backdrop. Design firm ShroffLeon juxtaposes vivid hues against an all-white palette to transform a seemingly ordinary home into an enviable abode…
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global hop

Shopping or sporting arena!
Are you up for a game? If not, then you will be! Italian designer Alberto Apostoli simulates the new Converse showroom in Verona as a sporting arena…
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ZHA redefines the design language of billboards
Zaha Hadid Design integrates digital media and contemporary design to provide a new platform for brand messaging via a digital sculptural billboard…
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