Wednesday, September 5, 2018

In life as in design: balance is key!

The Design Alley’s aesthetic for this Aurangabad home is a potpourri of elements that harmonize appealingly to create an original, hybrid look.
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Dear IAnDian,

Balance is an oft used and sometimes, philosophically, an over-used word. However, it immediately struck a chord with our team as we were faced with bringing you the excesses of life in our stories this week. It seemed like every story that we shortlisted had 'excess' integral to its makeup. A different, almost begrudging respect began to stem from understanding this tenet of design. Our cover story says it beautifully as the home d├ęcor weaves in the cultural nuances of the homeowners and makes for such a beautifully home-grown space to rejoice in.

Just as we were taking in the plethora of elements around us, Architect Trevor McIvor's 'Home beautiful' struck a balance with its spatial generosity and minimalist approach. The balance. Almost as if it has an unsaid presence; destined.

Enjoy the issue.

Savitha Hira



A vortex of high velocity!
Welcome to a whirlpool of scintillating light, sound, and space in this specialty digital fabrication project designed by Studio Emergence…
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“Less is a bore!”
As hotels become homely, and homes offer the luxuries of hotels, it is no longer a matter of form over function. Architects at Cluster One illustrate this premise…
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global hop

Home beautiful!
Resting on a rolling field, Ar. Trevor McIvor designs this modern rural country home outside Toronto taking inspiration from the stone walls that are used to separate farmer’s fields…
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Thought n Impact
An ode to fun and form
Mark Fornes’s signature fusion of art and structure comes alive this time as a playful canopy, resembling an inflated parachute or a circus tent.
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