Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Nature’s aesthetics: Open-to-sky Spaces Special Issue

IAnD Exclusive
Who doesn’t enjoy the simple pleasure that comes with a private outdoor space? At IAnD, ace correspondent Ar. Vinita Wagh curates a hands-on guide on treating your open-to-sky spaces by visiting the balconies, decks, swimming pool areas and gardens and terraces designed by five select designers, who have conceived versatile outdoor spaces to enhance everyday living…
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Dear IAnDian,

Bring the outdoors in or the indoors out? A question that has time and again, in countless ways, redefined the various open-to-sky spaces that form an important adjunct to our homes, offices...

The association of interiors and exteriors is a narrative as old as architecture, the influence of one always evident on the other. Certain spaces borrow charm from the exteriors, and others bleed into the landscape. While lines are blurred, lifestyles are transformed. Off late, the significance of the easily accessible outdoors has intensified. They might be small, but they're not insignificant. They're versatile, unique, comfortable and powerful motivators for socialization.

This week, we bring to you multiple such spaces that play up the drama and intimacy of the quintessential private outdoors, each with a personality of its own - some spirited, some calm; some eclectic, some bold; some statement and some chic; where warm lighting, textured materials, green landscape and bright accents combine to exude a unique appeal that encourages one to linger, creating spaces that are not only well-loved, but also well-lived.

See for yourself here...

Warm Regards,
Ar. Vinita Wagh
Correspondent - IndiaArtnDesign(dot)com



IAnD Exclusive
Barefoot Luxury 2.0
You don’t need white sand, turquoise seas and tropical weather to unwind. These outdoor decks by ZZ Architects have got you covered.
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IAnD Exclusive
High-spirited Escapades
These rooftop terraces by Mahesh Punjabi Associates harmoniously combine materials and elements to create a versatile backdrop for the outdoors.
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IAnD Exclusive
Eclectic Allure
Shabnam Gupta of The Orange Lane enlivens the terrace of an artist's studio with delightful balance and much flair.
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IAnD Exclusive
Urban Oasis
Studio Osmosis lends style, personality, and function to this balcony and terrace, creating refreshing spaces perfect for relaxing and entertaining.
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IAnD Exclusive
Bold and Beautiful
Interior Designers, Iryna Dzhemesiuk and Vitaliy Yurov of Diff-Studio style an elegant, minimal and luxurious terrace atop a hundred-year-old building in Paris
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The fusion of art and architecture
Ar. Jean Verville in his inimitable philosophic style, glorifies the architecture of the neo-Gothic church in Quebec by orchestrating the scenography of artist France Goneau’s most recent ceramic sculptures…
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