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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Water Benches for Mumbai, Mozaa Game Review, Feng Shui & Water & more...

India Art n Design Newsletter Vol III Issue 14

Serious community endeavours for the betterment of society at large often hit their mark, although they are arbitrarily publicly acknowledged. Ar. Neville Mars, whose water bench prototype for Mumbai is being launched today, has many more such aces up his sleeves as part of his radical vision for urban Mumbai. Incidentally, the Manifesto United Mumbai that proposes to foster progressive change is being backed by stakeholders, local and international planners, designers and scholars, in an effort to augment some new planning principles for Mumbai city. While we bring you info on the water benches, do look up their link to read on about their other proposed projects. Kudos to these thinking caps, Mumbai will only get better!

Besides, enjoy the Mozaa game and set up some Feng Shui water-works for some joyous indoors this rainy season...

Savitha Hira

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