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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pre-Diwali Special: Confluence of Fashion & Interiors, Gift Wrap Contest & more...


When Savitha approached me to guest edit this pre-Diwali issue, talking about the confluence of fashion and interiors, I thought it was harmonious and appropriate, as I am currently exploring work synergies with fashion designer Ashley Rebello. Incidentally, this is the first public pronouncement of our collaboration and how we intend to take it further has proof of concepts in work for his office and Alvira Khan’s new boutique Ahakzai.

About this one-two-story-a-day special, I feel a festive celebration is approached in myriad ways and I think this multi-platform approach, where we’ve brought together features of fashion and décor, styling in interiors vis-à-vis styling in fashion has kind of brought to fruition ideas that have played on both, Team IAnD’s and our sensibilities. The ‘Wrap-to-Win’ gift wrapping contest has been the other very in-synch fun exercise with the whole thematic.

Stories from other quarters have value-added to the milieu and the issue has modestly showcased some great work. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this effort. Without further ado…I leave you all to enjoy the tips, ideas and stories in the issue.

With heartiest wishes for this joyous festive season!
Ar. Saket Sethi
Guest Editor

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