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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hospitality Design Special Edition


As Guest Editor for the Hospitality Special edition, I am quite impressed to see a carefully curated selection of projects from across the globe, all essentially genre-bending, avant-garde, and multifaceted.

While the crux of hospitality design lies in interpreting a mundane and regular brief to an indigenous context, while retaining the globally-transient, defining features that come to be associated with a particular brand name; the success of a project lies in creating experiences.

From the international bouquet – the hotels range from futuristically styled Golden Egg, to the more traditional WVerbier to Polour Rock Climbing Hall, which seems to emanate from the rugged contours of the site itself; to the spectacular DC Tower as the new landmark of the quaint, classical town of Vienna.

On Indian shores, we visit 5 distinct projects - the fluid nature-inspired terrace restaurants by Interface Architecture explores concepts of bio-mimicry and ambient lighting to replicate the hues and tones of Mother nature at its grandest. Park Plaza, the chic business hotel in Delhi by Khozema Chitalwala is an idiom in the direction of 'intelligent luxury'. The design inside Mumbai's N Bar and Grill, by Sumessh Menon weaves Dante-esque complexity, spawning a magnificent space that is better described as sculpture art, than conventional Interior design. And our very own projects – Le Buas Villas at Devi-Ratn – a delectable collage of lavish villas, courtyards and water bodies, boasting intricate and meticulous artistry inspired by traditional Rajasthani Architecture and the new brand identity in Pizza Express.

We hope these refined experiences – with their individualistic contributions, will enthrall both, the casual enthusiast and the veritable connoisseur.

Ar. Pronit Nath

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