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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ar. Nitin Kilawalla, Giles Miller, 3XN Architects, Gearing up for the Festive Season & more...


The festive season has caught us on an enjoyable note as we’ve put together an entire week of special features especially for you. Meeting our guest editors – Ar. Saket Sethi & Celebrity fashion designer, Ashley Rebello, and getting them onboard has been insightful and taking a cue from their synergies (check the story on both their offices), we bring you a whole 7 days of interior design and d├ęcor, and fashion – two unavoidables that consciously/unconsciously shape our lifestyles. 

Complementing the celebratory mood is our online contest on Gift Wrapping brought to you in association with Pepperfry.com. The rules are simple – show us how innovatively you can wrap a gift – any gift – big or small, and try your hand at winning prizes worth Rs.5000/-. Hurry and enter if you already haven’t.  Click here to get started

So starting this day, look out for our stories everyday to enrich your repertoire of ideas and enjoy the online contest.  And while we make you wait for each new story to unfold, day-after-day, browse through some expert design tips by Ar. Nitin Kilawalla; check out heightened visual imagery by 3XN architects, admirable surfaces that speak by designer Giles Miller and prepare yourself with some colour coordination ideas…

Stay tuned in to FB pages too for regular updates. Click here to go to the page now!!

With seasonal cheer!
Savitha Hira

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