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Heritage from a technological perspective| Lakeside home with panoramic surrounds| Elements from classic French design in Gurgaon bistro| and more

ratLAB interiors fuses heritage references and patterns of the ‘pink city’ with computational design and digital fabrication, turning the interiors of Farzi Café, Jaipur into a feast for the senses…
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Dear IAnDian,

Many a time, a creative tells us that his design found inspiration in a trivial element/ thought; or started from a casual conversation. And many a time, designs developed from such concepts hit bull's eye in more ways than one. As we filtered our stories for this issue, we were repeatedly reminded of this phenomenon.

The over-sized window frame in the lakeside home in Quebec is a masterpiece. The floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall window literally frames the outdoors making the design of this home contextually rooted. It completely transforms the ethos of the place. The theme of contrasts in the Chandrapur home, on the other hand, exemplifies a whim, where the designers have ideated on the concept of the city's prime vocation and its name.

Our cover story - the technological perspective that brings to light a fresh concept - that of digital craft - works on this principle from various angles: not only does ratLAB capitalise on its parametric strength to give a completely different take to the Farzi signature; it also creates a fresh approach to the done-to-death theme of merging traditional elements with contemporary.

Let's leave you to enjoy the read. Do keep the brickbats and bouquets coming. We love them!

Savitha Hira


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