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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s China Gallery | Anagram Architects build a rotund home | Kavan Shah Design Studio experiential retail therapy and lots more


Dominance of and focus on a single element of design or architecture as the fulcrum of a design exercise is an old testified theory – timeless and evergreen – no matter which way it is reinvented; whether using time-honoured techniques and colour palettes or introducing a new typology. This week’s fare is all about zeroing in on that one predominant element of design.

Check out the Redjeu residence, which uses a subtractive technique to design an all-red apartment, resulting in a chic ensemble of well-defined and cleverly put together elements of visual and graphic design and interior decor. The Slate boutique for Garden Vareli in Mumbai is another such exercise that juxtaposes the delicate with the solid, all in an envelope of gray tones. The store stands out for its product display in a comfortable cocoon that oozes understated style.

Applying the tenets in architecture, we see the Delhi project by Anagram Architects, where flattened wooden louvers, vertical vegetation and a curvilinear typology take the onus of the design. On similar grounds, the new Peruvian eatery in Paris plays on a cultural thematic to establish an aura of authenticity; and the deNERI art’stand is a versatile product that offers freestanding display of paintings instead of the usual wall-mounted options.

Visually enriched, full of beans... enjoy the read!

Savitha Hira
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