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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grappling with the art of sustainability; seamlessness in design; the good life with good design and more


On one hand, we see glamour, opulence and state-of-the art interiors and on the other, are sustainability and its innate charm. Team indiaartndesign.com initiated a discussion thread last week asking, “Is it becoming more and more difficult for us to remain rooted to basics, as we’re progressing, as a society? Is cutting down on frills, a near impossibility?" Significant inputs from well known architects point to one direction – that an appetite for sustainable needs to be nurtured. That the connect between yesterday, today and tomorrow is a continuum and should necessarily be sustained. That we put things into perspective and understand where we are headed to, to ascertain whether “the need for a global collaborative design approach integrated with vernacular sustainability can be our answer”.

What are your views on this? Write in to us at indiaartndesign@gmail.com

Enjoy a peppy read loaded with home decor tips as you introspect.

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