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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Architectural Excellence at Moesgaard Museum; Porosity & Planar Volumes - signature Steven Holl; Sculpting nature with Malik Architecture; Book Review - ‘Material Alchemy’ & more


Henning Larsen, Steven Holl, Malik Architecture... stalwarts in architecture and design of the built form in their own distinct ways, underline the same thought - that the synergies between man, nature and built form should harmonise for optimum values on all fronts: aesthetic, functional, emotional as well as physiological. The other aspect that weighs down heavily on the design of the built form is the use of material. The book ‘Material Alchemy’ more than substantiates this, according to Ar. Saket Sethi, who has reviewed it for us. Do check it out... makes an interesting read.

The featured projects in this issue follow a discerning beat – whether it is the play of light, conservation of natural resources, sustainability or the power of absorbing nature into the built form, each professional practice has a studied and idiosyncratic approach that comes forth in the sheer essence of their projects.

Without saying more, I leave you to discover the gems for yourself. Enjoy the read!

Savitha Hira
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