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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Importance of branding in hospitality| Ar. Jonathan Tuckey on easy archiving| Ikat – a heartwarming story | Innovative Colour Award 2015 and more


Team indiaartndesign(dot)com wishes you a very Hearty & Healthy 2016!

Understandably, with the global footprint closing in and territories dwarfing in terms of blurring cultural ideologies, UNESCO has declared 2016 as the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU)!

On a more localised front, indiaartndesign(dot)com with its steadily growing readership invites designers, architects, creatives from any/all disciplines to share their views with us. We have a tangible platform here that we invite you to use to empower and underline positive change. Feel free to send us (editor{at}indiaartndesign.com) your recommendations/ suggestions/ insights/ write-ups and our editorial team will revert to you on priority.

So cheers to new beginnings as we bring you more laterally diverse design stories from across the seas, nibbling at your aesthetic sensibilities and knocking on your right brain. With plans afoot to introduce several new features for your infotainment, we invite each one of you to send us a wish-list of what you’d like to read in our pages. Tell us what you wouldn’t want too!

Our heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all your hand-holding.

Savitha Hira
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