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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ar.Frank Gehry, XTU Architects, Orproject Designs, Concrete Architecture & more


A lot of innovative ideas and engineered design solutions seem to be invested in building temporary structures for exhibitions. They are designed to make a statement and focus on a pertinent issue that relates to design/ architecture communicating with the common man on a pseudo-intellectual platform. We feature two such pavilions – one for the upcoming Milan Expo 2015 by XTU Architects from Paris and the other currently showcasing Nepalee Shamanic artifacts – built out of paper by Orproject Designs, Delhi - as part of the ongoing Architectural Biennale at Venice.

Ace architect Frank Gehry’s building for Foundation Louis Vuitton is yet another technology-build marvel that is under completion. And of course, in our regular stories, we bring you an insight on the new Citizen M at NYC and some banter on the use of steel in interiors.

Have a great week!!
Savitha Hira
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