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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Studio Motley’s weekend home | Out-of-box product display | Paying tribute thru’ art |Is neutral the renewed nude? And more


Seats are limited. Stakes are high! All those yet to send in your applications for the India Design Pavilion during Fuorisalone, Milan April 2016, boot up and get moving! The latest is that our Airline Partner, Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi is encouraging Indian designers to participate by flying them FOC / on specially priced tickets. So all of you still to apply, hurry up and get going!
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Back to our issue, browse thru our stories this week and you will see how timelessness is undeniably a winner, each time, every time! And when nuanced with contemporaneity and technological alacrity, the picture of a perfect living space is complete. Whether we fall back on a courtyard typology, juxtaposing it with modern materials and lifestyle or we affect a neutralised backdrop that sturdily shelters any/all experimentation like a big brother... minimalism, neutrality in colours and materials never ever ceases to surprise.

So take your pick and enjoy our assortment of a retail space, a restaurant, salon, weekend home, even a colossal art installation!

Until next week,
Savitha Hira
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