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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

London calling Indian Architects and Designers; the big Guggenheim win; Green culture can begin at home; Origami is a strong concept in architecture & more.


It is that time of the year, when our office is working overtime, meeting the demands of co-hosting an art and design pavilion on a coveted international platform! The London Design Festival 2015 is once again calling Indian Designers to make their mark in pulsating realm of a large, happening, trending global design community.

As co-hosts with Designersblock, one of the oldest LDF design destinations, India Art n Design ezine invites participation from designers of all genres, artists, design institutions, service providers and the like, who would want to make their presence felt on the global platform to participate in the India Pavillion at London Design Festival 2015. For details visit our banner link below and feel free to contact our representatives, who will be eager to answer any/ all of your queries.

Guggenheim’s winning entry tops our list of features this week. The much-awaited competition result has been worth the wait. Please make sure you read about the Moureau Kusunoki offering; you will not be disappointed!

Further, we invite you to do a little soul searching and touch upon your dreams as you experience the sensitivity that characterises each of the other projects – from playful steel origami to glass balconies; and from ushering in art and crafts into the Indian ethnic to going green at your very doorstep.

We hope you take home some great lessons this time!

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