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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Temporary housing for Nepal earthquake victims| Timeless Homes| World’s longest single-tower cable-stayed bridge| Build a career as a makeup artiste and more...


We see a lot of residential design based on principles of timelessness. People look for qualities of durability and a sense of being grounded that comes with growing with your abode. And most often than not, we’ve seen discerning elements of trendiness that bring the ambience alive. Why is it that the majority of designers opt for the tried-and-tested in this genre? Why does neutral play such an important role? In the same vein, does quirk, or out-of-box not warrant timeless appeal? Doesn’t timelessness after all, depend on reinventing oneself with the times, irrespective of one’s environment; especially as our immediate surroundings can be made adaptable to our changing perspectives – largely. Think about it!

A special mention here on the temporary housing that Ar. Shigeru Ban and his team are soon slated to unveil for the Nepal earthquake victims – if only such laudable efforts were sustained by more architects across the world, life would be wonderful for all!

Enjoy the issue – its brimming with loads of stuff for all of you.

Savitha Hira
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