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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Of Gangsters and Bosses –Mumbai bar and cafe| light-transmitting concrete in construction| Stop Motion Cafe and more


It’s uncanny, when you see similarities - in thoughts, approach, design.... It amazes, simultaneously gives a feeling of déjà vu, when you see something executed exactly or largely the way you had once envisaged it. Sometimes, we begin to feel that nothing is new. Things are being done all the time in various pockets of the world. Newness is a mindset; in the eyes of the beholder and governed by multifarious iterations – contextual, influenced, even contrived.

Take a tour of our stories this week from various locations: Abu Dhabi tops the list with its simple but magnificently designed mosque with its facade carved out of light transmitting concrete; Architects Virginia Lung and Ajax Law carve out the trendy cinema hall in Tokyo – inspired from the stop-motion camera; continuing in the thematic mode is fashion-designer-turned interior-stylist Minal Chopra’s Gansta’s bar and cafe in Mumbai and more...

Enjoy the issue as we are busy wrapping up a big surprise for you – our Pre-Diwali Special Issue! Soon in your inbox!!

Savitha Hira
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