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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two distinctive airports in Baku & Mexico, Trending Paper Architecture, Breathtakingly beautiful Swaminarayan Temple in NJ & more


There is a tremendous rise in iconic architecture. What was once a novelty is today becoming run-of-the-mill with just a dash of the awe element, which seems more like a seasoning to suit individual palates. Airport design is upping new quotients as one architecture firm vies with another to tweak infrastructure-basics and introduce the plus element.

Well, as you feast your eyes and your attention on the just-opened Baku airport in Azerbaijan and the new Mexico City airport in the making, we urge you to revel in Indian aesthetics strongly rooted in our archetypal philosophical bent. From the new Swaminarayan temple at New Jersey to the flavour of Indianness in a contemporary home in Indore, we have plenty of reasons to be proud Indians…

Savitha Hira

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