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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The magic of an undefined form| Lucknow to get a Memorial Gate soon| Revive the Style Diva in you with 5 designers from LFW 2016| and more


Man is a gregarious creative. He designs, conceptualises, works hard with the ultimate aim of sharing. Interactivity is key and our stories this week feature this practicable, emotional and binding social connect via design. Irrespective of the methodology at play – subtractive design, ecological footprint, clever camouflage or whatever... the bottom line stands out – habitable spaces need to foster camaraderie and innate growth.

From the cultural highs of Tainan in Taiwan, and the educational icon in Tokyo, through the high-street ramp walks of the London Fashion Week to the revisiting Indian pages of history with the Lucknow Memorial Gate in the making, we bring you diverse features that can regale you with snippy conversational material.

Have a super read and engage in some intellectual musings...

Savitha Hira
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