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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lekha Washington’s Quirky furniture| Fabric-bar Pavillion for Nature Concert |Landscape architecture of Aloha on the Ganges and more...


A deep respect for all things naturally beautiful goes a long way in determining our appreciation of the man-made. The lush holiday locale in Rishikesh that has been carefully chiselled by Layers Design studio speaks highly of co-existence with nature; as does Ar. Satoshi Kurosaki’s home in Tokyo, where diffused natural light and broad day light play on the sentiments of the space, lending a beatific glow to the private residence.

Time and again, we come across non-intrusive applications of design that augment the natural. Incidentally, even product designer Lekha Washington’s chairs draw strong references from nature. And in a way, the Nature Concert Hall project that we chose to bring to you this week, endorses that the best music is in our surroundings!

Enjoy the issue and yes, continue writing in. We feel pampered.

Savitha Hira
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