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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Are hybrid typologies the answer to contemporary lifestyles?| Archohm’s brilliant coffee-table tome| Minimalist homes and more


Amid the conventional architectural and design exercises, one suddenly comes across a typology that makes one rethink and chew on one’s learnings. What is it that needs to change? Does the newly liberated (what with the perennial jargon of global sphere becoming smaller and knowledge sharing being rampant etc etc) consumer really know what he seeks?

Is the awareness that matters in terms of environment, climate and resources; in terms of wastage, conservation and design-consciousness; in terms of what really matters vs. what one sees and apes mindlessly... actually a living-breathing question seeking the right answers? Or barring a handful of mindful citizens and designers, everything else can be quite simply swept under the carpet of a fad?

With the hope that a new more design-conscious society at large will evolve with the passage of time, we wish all our readers happy new beginnings with the Happy New Year 2016!

Savitha Hira
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