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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Indian designers at the V&A| Techno-upbeat studio design| Conscientious modular street furniture| Lavish multi-housing and more


It seems like everyone wants to toe the ‘different’ line! Reinventing the traditional tenets of design to suit the ever-increasing awareness and demand for ‘something more’ has stemmed a new trend of sorts. Architects and designers are willing to take several progressive steps to ensure that the built form and its interior make-up are satisfactorily accomplishing the newer needs of today’s generation. Be it the workplace or the home, retail establishments, hospitality outlets or institutions, a new footprint is the operating mantra.

Check out our stories this week: the Kitchen by Concrete Architectural Associates is Eindhoven’s unrestaurant-like eating place, set to the ticking-by-the-minute moods of the masses; The Purple Ink Studio has crafted a spacious multi-housing concept for a single large family in Bengaluru; Veech x Veech have designed a techno-advanced sports broadcasting studio in Austria, Bouroullec Brothers’ street furniture concept for Paris... and, there’s a lot more...

Savitha Hira
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