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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Watch bags Red Dot Best of Best; Furniture like Melting Ice; Paris Cult House revived; Emoti-products for Gen Next and more.


Design is full of contrasts! Just when you come across an architect-designer honing his skill set, his thinking veering towards simplification of form, culminating in accomplishing a no-fuss, strong architectural vocabulary, making you sit up and introspect on the development and maturity of design; another designer hits you with his contrasting sensibilities, making you ponder over the intricacies of the discipline all over again.

Khosla Associates is one such firm that shows a deep insight into simplifying form and their latest testimonial is the visitor’s entrance pavilion at the golf course in Ahmedabad. RDAI, on the other hand, substantiates the latter dictum with the Les Bains hotel in Paris, completely emphasizing on the significance of an ostentatious style quotient. And more so, the Red Dot Best of Best endorses a beautifully rendered, kind-of OTT thematic by a signature brand.

Speaking of signatures, A-cero Architects have designed a beautiful home in limestone and black glass; Hardik Gandhi endorses styling with his signature furniture as does Zaha Hadid with her Liquid Glacial Collection, quite naturally catering to the ‘wow’ factor yet again.

The bottom line of course, is that each space, each product enjoys its individualistic treatment! Enjoy the read…

Savitha Hira
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