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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Restored Ganeshkhind temple wins UNESCO Hon. Mention| Simplicity strikes at The Broad Museum by ZHA | Bihar’s to get Lion Safari Park| Clinical prescriptions become humane and more


The relationship between man and building is a very subjective, emotional response to one’s immediate surroundings. Considering the examples of the way we perceive a library, a laboratory, a hospital, etc., it is the overall architectural and interior vocabulary that at once gets to us and we respond likewise.

A small but striking wedding and community hall in Jacou, France speaks volumes via its minimalist architectural approach; whilst the Uniprix pharmacy – an out-of-box design turning the medical fit-out typology completely on its head, is an expression in spaciousness and a pastel palette. Different focal points anoint the canvas of life as each space comes alive with its unique set of programmatic idioms.

From Zaha Hadid’s Broad Museum exoskeleton to the positive-negative lion safari silhouette proposed in Etawah, we take you through a variety of projects in this issue.

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Savitha Hira
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