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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Foster+Partners Architects, GUN Architects, Ar. Didzis Junzens & more.

There is never enough of ‘thank you’ that comes your way for continually patting our backs as we garner select design stories for you from various pockets of the world, handpicking from the varied genres of design.

We urge you too to send in your projects, your thoughts on design, etc. for potential publication in our ezine. Please feel free to write in to my personal email – savithahira@gmail.com and I will revert on priority.

This week we bring you some interesting fare: Sweden’s spiral university library that ushers in a refreshingly new library culture; The Yatch Club at Monaco, a superb building in scenic whereabouts; a look at the scenography as the art of stage backdrops and the ongoing rainforest ecosystem installation that is garnering eyeballs at Bedford Square, London. And in continuation to his tips on colour, our correspondent Chirag continues his design and d├ęcor tips on fabrics and compact living.

Savitha Hira
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