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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Human Emotions & Design Interface; Art & Urbanity; Eco-conscious Getaway Homes; schimidt hammer lassen architects international competition win & more


‘Judgemental’ is a key word in our everyday vocabulary. Although the word itself is not enunciated aloud, the emotion it describes is inherent to our attitude, persona and our dealings with others. “The Cover that Judges You” is a thought-provoking experiment in technology and user interface, giving one a little bit of 'one’s own medicine’, so to say, as the book cover haughtily decides whether you’re worthy of taking a peek into its contents or not! A must-read design story, which, if looked into a little beyond the surface, can distil introspective musings.

Our other stories bring in the art installation with urban issues angle that addresses the masses, second homes or getaway homes for the classes and of course, a celebration of mature architectural vocabulary from none other than schmidt hammer lassen architects - our trending story this issue.

Enjoy your read and have a great week ahead!!

Savitha Hira
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