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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

JPN Monument set for Dec.2016 opening in Lucknow| Slade Architecture design Valrhona Chocolaterie in NYC| Singapore’s reflective pool-centric home and more


There can be two approaches to a subject: honest and contrived. Where design and architectural vocabulary speaks to you directly, hard-hitting and robust; or beguiles you along a trail of thought; then another to unveil its core. In both instances however, the design vocab is not compromised and neither are your expectations. They just become two different expressions of resilient design thinking.

Like is said – subjectivity and lateral thinking rule design sensibilities – so there really is no place for terminology that mars.

On that note, take a tour of our projects this week – from the lavish living-scapes of Delhi home designed by Kapil Aggarwal to ONG & ONG architect’s serene abode in Singapore to a chocolatier in Brooklyn and a museum-monument under construction in Lucknow, there’s is plenty to regale you and have you ruminating on our initial premise.

Enjoy your read!

Savitha Hira
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