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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is it a villa or an apartment? Roland Helou Design’s imaginative interior solutions| International stalwarts HOK to design world’s most high-tech super tall building | Ar. Yatin Pandya on his internationally acclaimed book and lots more.


The festive air is getting thicker as we approach Christmas next month and the mood at the design table is one of urgency and completion. Many architect and fashion designer friends have postponed social calls with their eyes trained on their professional commitments. So as we jaunt across the continents, bringing you space planning and interior styling stories with a spattering of other things design thrown in, we urge you to spend time on Ar. Yatin Pandya’s decoding of spatial concepts with particular reference to Indian historic architecture. His internationally acclaimed book “Concepts of space in traditional Indian architecture” broadly examines the notions of space, time and existence.

Rejoice in the festive spirit as you browse through our diverse building typologies; look out for our forthcoming issues loaded with goodies from many many design bags!

Savitha Hira
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