Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chase your Passion - Vol II Issue 16

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With every crest and fall, just like a lunging wave, our passions experience the ultimate highs and lows; just to be there again, doing the same thing, feeling the same feel. But then, when you live passionately… you only rise into a higher crest, stronger, fiercer, and more beautiful.
Whether you collect antiques, build houses or raise cats, the underlying fire sustains you, pushing you to reach the zenith. Of course, you define your individual zenith!
Enjoy the collectibles-inspired-n-collated Chor Bizzare restaurants and the artistic oeuvres of fashioning a home high on aesthetics and make sure you go through Ar. Jim Olson’s “making of his cabin” as he addresses modern living with historical sentiment.
In this Ezine Special on renowned architect Jim Olson, we have delved into the professional’s mode of design thinking. Stay tuned in to watch some videos on the celebrated architect - his 'creative process' is up and running - and read some more on him…
Enjoy the read and write in
Savitha Hira


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Who says that chic is synonymous with glamour? Who says that a modern lifestyle cannot co-exist with the earthy scent of our roots? Who says that reuse and recycle is mundane?... Click to read more..

“Dining at the Chor Bizzare chain of restaurants is a first-hand experience at pleasuring your senses – both visual and gustatory. ‘Bizarre’ - that’s what we call something ... Click to read more..



Ar. Jim Olson shares his labour of love – his personal cabin in Longbranch, Washington that has seen multiple phases of design and construction; and Jim is currently designing the next phase…Click to read more..


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