Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pamper Us - Vol II Issue 19

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Congratulations and a big thank you to our readers for making a success of year 1 at IAnD. And another big thank you to our growing team, for their passion and dedication. As a mark of sharing with you our growth, just as one would chronicle little nothings of an infant’s first year, IAnD introduces a new section “Pamper Us”. We’ve laid bare a fraction of our readers’ comments over the last year and invite your good wishes, kudos, sniggers et all... We like very much; pamper us please...
Bringing you a laden package this time, we take you from fashion to design research to architecture; from profiling promising talent at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai to significant social design in the medical sphere, and of course our continuing Ezine Special on Ar. Jaisim.
Let me leave you to it, and don’t forget to pamper us!
In high spirits,Savitha Hira


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“Sincerity to the space with content and context,” says Ar. Jaisim, “is an underlying principle that empowers all my work.” Sheer simplicity with an approach that clarifies the basics to obtain the...Click to read more..

‘Ethnic-chic’ best describes Tanya Sharma’s pulsating designs, as she reinterprets individual existing trends and gives them new dimensions. Vivacious, dynamic, a mélange of traditional Indian textiles...Click to read more..

‘Quirky’ announces the season’s Lakme Fashion Week, with designers opting for out-of-the-box concepts, materials and techniques to create products that are unconventional and high on style...Click to read more..


A recent enhancement of the old ambulance design innovatively transforms it from a transport unit for patients to a mobile hospital of sorts…Click to read more..


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