Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fine art fashion, the new Martyrs’ Memorial, helping the blind ‘see’ Braille and more...

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Harbingers of change deserve a well-earned pat on the back; celebrating breakthroughs in sensitizing us to societal goings-on –via fine art, technology or via a deep appreciation of life.

Ehsaas, the fashion extravaganza that saw the who’s who of classical dance and music walk the ramp in Delhi recently, touched an intense chord within and we bring you the Ehsaas of Dr. Alka Raghuvanshi, the curator, in her own words. With an effort of this nature, and the increasingly expanding notions of fine art, what with art festivals, cultural hubs etc., we seem to be marching ahead in nurturing a creatively mature people.  

Augmenting such temperament is the peace pavilion very unlike the memorials we have seen in India hitherto: the Martyrs Memorial in Bangalore should be visited to be experienced. And year 2012’s winning design of CBraille, which can forge major trails in guiding the visually challenged, promises a whole new un-trodden path.

Enjoy the read... until next week.

Savitha Hira

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