Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fluid Architecture, Dubai Art Fair, Amit Khanna Design Associates & more...

India Art n Design Newsletter Vol III Issue 5

Why is the soul perpetually searching? And what? Take a look at our stories this week – artists working on unconventional meanderings; art galleries pushing the envelope to find their place on the global platform; architects reinventing; from innovation to design reuse and repurpose, the creative mind is perpetually seeking, questioning, refuelling deliverance.

So are we basically restless? Or is it fundamental creativity that taps its foot to a different beat with every generation? So the old is revisited; reinvented or completely turned on its head.

Think about it.

Savitha Hira


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Amit Khanna Design
Thought & Impact
Bookshelf with an Attitude!

IAnD discovers how imagination meets sustainability in simple design re-use giving rise to an innovative exhibition design component; courtesy Amit Khanna Design Associates, New Delhi.....   

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Dubai Art Fair
Dubai Art Fair
Only 3 Indian art galleries participated in the Dubai Art Fair 2013(DAF). ‘Exceeding their expectations’, some claim to have ‘returned with empty crates’, citing a huge interest in Indian art from across the world...

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Global Hop

J.Mayer H

Fluid Architecture

Incorporating seamless views and geometric fluidity, Ar. J. Mayer H builds a contextual hillside home in Stuttgart, Germany...

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Prinitalia Classic

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Life is a sustained paradox! While a few days ago, we were lamenting the life-threatening earthquake in Sichuan, China; our office was putting together the feature about innovation in architecture via the pixel cinema in Wuhan, China, about 700 miles away from tragic Sichuan.


Much glory and fanfare has greeted the project and it has won the designers their iF Communication Design Award! This is the second project by One Plus Partnership that we spoke about last week.


Additionally, our focus this week is on refurbishing and education – two prime topics that almost every Indian family visits during this time of year.


Enjoy your read and leave us your feedback.

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