Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ar. Charles Correa, Red Dot 2013 Winner, Pinakin Design LLP & more...

India Art n Design Newsletter Vol III Issue 8

“Museums (memory + creativity) = social change.” May 18, 2013 was International Museum Day. Coincidentally, we have two award-winning, amazingly designed museums lined up for you this week. As hands-down winners, both museums bring out the architectural wonder in a blend of design and technology.

Actually with technology invading our minute tidings, it seems only natural that we progress headlong into the tech world that brings us design, style and status combined! Check out the Pinakin Design project...

With Indian architect par excellence Ar. Charles Correa being honoured at the RIBA, we sign off with inherent pride...


Savitha Hira


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St. Thomas Basilica
San Thome Basilica

A sultry summer afternoon, I walked towards the National Shrine of St. Thomas Basilica, Chennai, intrigued by its structure and stature and that it completes 120 years of existence in 2013…

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Ar. Charles CorreaReviews
Ar. Charles Correa - Exhibition at RIBA
As part of the Out of India Season, RIBA presents the first major UK exhibition showcasing the work of renowned Indian architect Charles Correa. The exhibition is designed  by David Adjaye and curated by Dr. Irena Murray.

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Trescent Lifestyle Projects
The Cutting Edge
Mumbai’s ‘interiors hub’ Raghuvanshi Mills plays host to Trescent Lifestyles – a store that breathes its products – Sound, Technology and Home Theatres! 

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Global Hop

Museum of the Moving Image

‘Moving Image’ wins 2013 Red Dot for Architecture

The Winner of 2013 Red Dot Design 2013 Award in its highly competitive Architecture and Urban Design category, ‘Museum of the Moving Image’ is termed "the finest recent American example of radical design" by the Wall Street Journal.

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Wood Sculpture Museum

China Wood Sculpture Museum

Rising like a phoenix amidst a nondescript residential neighbourhood in Harbin, China is the China Wood Sculpture Museum that resembles a twisted and gnarled 200 meter-long steel structure.

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Product Hub

Tap Touch PC Table

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Life is a sustained paradox! While a few days ago, we were lamenting the life-threatening earthquake in Sichuan, China; our office was putting together the feature about innovation in architecture via the pixel cinema in Wuhan, China, about 700 miles away from tragic Sichuan.


Much glory and fanfare has greeted the project and it has won the designers their iF Communication Design Award! This is the second project by One Plus Partnership that we spoke about last week.


Additionally, our focus this week is on refurbishing and education – two prime topics that almost every Indian family visits during this time of year.


Enjoy your read and leave us your feedback.

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