Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Foster +Partners, Shabnam Gupta, M:OFA Architects & more…

India Art n Design Newsletter Vol III Issue 18

Whether grounded in an institution, or at a hobby centre, or for that matter, while travelling or being entertained, design meets the discerning eye time and again; and we pick such extraordinary examples for you this week.

From the award-garnering Martian Embassy with its imaginative use of wood, to the F+P Cathay Pacific aircraft interiors; from rootedness in traditional architecture at ITM Gwalior, to a completely Bohemian approach to design at a Mumbai eatery, architecture and design influence our senses, elucidating a visual and tactile vocabulary of form, colour, texture and material.

A commendable soon-to-be-unveiled effort by the Indian Institute of Architects, Calicut Centre, is a 3-day event, where they laud architecture in the public realm through an inclusive public program later this month.

Stay tuned in. IAnD will soon bring you the complete update!

Savitha Hira

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Nice vs. Nasty
Nice vs. Nasty
Rough finishes, exposed concrete, carved wooden creatures and graffiti-etched walls coupled with bright splashes of colour are a wicked mix of materials and textures at


Fluid Architecture  Project
Fluid Architecture
Standing at the foothills of the Vindhyas, ITM School of Business, Gwalior is a fine example of modern Indian architectural ideology. IAnD examines this traditionally-rooted concept put together by...

Global Hop

Martian invasion!  Project
Martian invasion! 
Reams of newsprint and digital press have been dedicated to celebrating the design aesthetics and inventive genius behind the

Architecture meets Industrial Design Project
Architecture meets Industrial Design 
Blurring the lines between architecture, interior design and industrial design, F+P once again prove that design is seamless and universal...


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