Wednesday, September 25, 2013

India Pavilion at SBC, LDF13 _a special issue

Hi Folks! Team IAnD is back after a heartening international participation at the London Design Festival 2013. The sheer openness to all things design has brought in a new high amidst the group as we animatedly discuss the new relationships, business leads and fortifying footholds that the participants now look forward to.
The zest and the hard work are immeasurably dear.  We’ve brought you the excitement in a bountiful visual spread. And of course, giving each of our participants their due, there are features dedicated to each, where you learn more about them and get familiar with their design sensibilities.
I hope you enjoy this laden newsletter as much as we did, putting it together for you.
Savitha Hira
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‘India Pavilion’ at the LDF-2013 IAnD Exclusive

India Pavilion at LDF13 – the first milestone

Anything new has its hiccups and halos. We bring you a low down on our very first international event – the India Pavilion at LDF2013, and solicit your best wishes in helping us take larger steps in this direction of fostering Indian art and design on the international platform…
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SW-House-KDnD-Architects IAnD Exclusive

Emerging Indian Artists on the Horizon

Five Mumbai artists muster up their best foot forward for an international showing as part of the India Pavilion at Southbank Centre during the London Design Festival 2013…
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‘India Pavilion’ at the LDF-2013 IAnD Exclusive
With over three decades of practice, interior and furniture designer Lalit Hira has exploited his creative skills in accomplishing challenging and meaningful designs around the world.
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‘India Pavilion’ at the LDF-2013 IAnD Exclusive

Serenading Nature

Yamin Mustafa Mohiuddin is a self-taught interior architect and furniture designer, whose designs and creations reflect his passion and high quality standard so that “each piece is worth passing on for generations”.
‘India Pavilion’ at the LDF-2013 IAnD Exclusive

Trailblazers from Rural India

The National Innovation Foundation-India is an Indian government initiative to provide institutional support to grassroots green technology and to nurture innovators, who blend traditional knowledge with contemporary technology.
‘India Pavilion’ at the LDF-2013 IAnD Exclusive

‘Chair’ man of Design

Furniture designing did not happen by chance for Asad Firdosy. His ancestors were great furniture artists and Asad spent his childhood making wooden toys for himself.

Global Hop

mathmos_worlds_biggest_lava_lamp Reviews

Android – KitKat

Windows and Apple's tough competitor Google's Android is a popular, Linux-based, operating system that was primarily designed for touchscreen smart-phones and tablet computers.
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Dining Table Five Light Chandelier
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