Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ar. Premnath, Ar. Masahiko Sato, Designer Ronald Caldwell & more

Once again, there are no set rules in design. Look at Ar. Masahiko’s minimalist design of this Japanese residence: there is whimsy and artistry in the architectural compositions. Look at Ar. Premnath’s design for a gated community at Bhatinda: strategically spaced landscaped islands and small private enclosures enhance the feeling of identity and ownership.

Similarly, Ronald Caldwell’s furniture series out of e-waste is one brilliant idea of recycling; though a trifle far-fetched I would say. Something simpler and DIY would be better received, I guess. Well, in variety, lay eccentricity… lay genius!

Keeping our thinking caps on…

Savitha Hira
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