Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ar. Sanjay Puri on iconic architecture; Personal style of couture jeweller, Varuna Jani; Engaging the public through Installation Art and more


In continuation of our take on the need for a ‘green cover’, our stories this week tweak ‘nature’ – resplendent, tranquilizing and demanding, as it weaves into concrete structures and lifestyles, lending its distinct magic to living a full life.

Whether at a restaurant (eco-gastro bar in Oslo) or through large fenestrations that open the home to the elements (Jean Verville’s residential architecture in Montreal); or even the incorporation of nature’s own methods in combating its effects (climatic architectural approach seeped in traditional practices – but given the contemporary twist a la Ar. Sanjay Puri) or the glamorous take by contemporary couture jeweller, Varuna D Jani... all underline the fact that man and nature are so intricately and industrially linked together that they are best left inseparable.

On that optimistic note, I leave you to a pleasant read...

Savitha Hira

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  What makes architecture iconic? Ar. Sanjay Puri enlightens
  The prolific global mushrooming of 'iconic' built forms that we see in present times, spurred Team IAnD to probe the larger picture of what makes architecture iconic...
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  Personal Style Statements of Jewellery Designer, Varuna D Jani
  Bedazzling jewellery, a big heart and flamboyance... best sum up the queen of diamonds, Varuna D Jani.
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Global Hop

  Thought n Impact
  100 Colours of Tokyo
  Parallel rows of floating colours in the heart of Shinjuku succeed in illustrating the emotional and parabolic ethos that Ar. Emmanuelle Moureaux shares with Tokyo City...
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  Blanc Papier - Origami-like Shroud
  Defying the straight-lined assemblage of four walls and a roof above, this residence in Montreal is a sculptural composition giving rise to a series of optical illusions...
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  Vino Veritas Eco-GastroBar, Oslo
  "Where you eat matters as much as what you eat"  Vino Veritas, a 100% Spanish Eco-Gastrobar in Norway lives up to this quote by offering a slice of Spanish Andalusia...
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