Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015’s ALU-award winner; iconic architecture - ribbon chapel; social dimension of architecture; auto rickshaw as the social mascot; light as key design feature & more...


Meeting Ar. Steven Holl and listening to the simple elucidation of his architectural philosophy was an intellectually stimulating experience at the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum Plaza in Mumbai, last evening. With the American architect and watercolourist animatedly talking about the essence of Urbanism, it seemed a natural to want to believe in his vision of integrating culture, landscape, art... context in architecture.

While we continue to rejoice in the built form, and take pride in bringing to you a diverse skill-set, Ar. Steven Holl’s discourse certainly introspected a re-look at the our surroundings, our buildings, our environment, our perceptions of these and more...

Check out our stories this week – a second home fashioned after a piano; lighting as the key design feature; the ubiquitous auto rickshaw as the social mascot... Standing out amongst them are the 2015 Aluminium Award winner – Campus Kolding by Henning Larsen Architects; and the Ribbon Chapel by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Architects.

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Savitha Hira
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Candid-Dynamic-Green: Campus Kolding - Aluminium Awardee 2015
Henning Larsen Architects' designed Campus Kolding of SDU Southern University Denmark, is the ALU award winner of 2015 - an Aluminium project promising to take the industry to new heights.
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  Social Auto -Localized Charm!
  Product and furniture designers, Sahil Bagga and Sarthak Sengupta redefine India's conventional auto rickshaws as socio-cultural insignia...
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  Piano House - an ode to the love of music...
  Ar. Dhananjay Shinde's team gives shape to a music-lover's inarticulate desire to immerse himself in surroundings that articulate his love...
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Global Hop
  When two become one: Ribbon Chapel
  A wedding chapel in Japan borrows its name from a pair of seemingly entwined spiral staircases...
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  Creative Play of Light
  The refurbished Montmagny courthouse adopts a concept of duality, with a sharp and striking architectural vocabulary - totally defined by light...
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  Thought n Impact
  Social Dimension of Architecture
  Combining social responsibility with commercial gain, Caritas and architecture firm, AllesWirdGut design a hotel that has you dwelling with refugees...
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Product Hub
  India Art n Design ezine is very interesting, well done and with a lot of very interesting topics. It gives a very international idea of contemporary design. Compliments!
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