Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rehabilitation architecture; contemporary Boathouse interiors; shoe designer Manolo Blahnik at Harrods & more


Life is about interaction. We thrive on communication - animated and otherwise; it is perhaps this innate need of an individual that takes cognizance of a designer/architect’s viewpoint in myriad ways, when he designs for the public realm, the intimacy of a home, a get-away, or even when he has to conjure up a point-of-sale narrative in the retail sector.

Interestingly, our compilation of features in this issue touch upon a spattering of nuanced interactions – when people and especially children are rehabilitated after a life-shattering earthquake; when a new building is principled in traditional practices; when a scenic get-away home communes with nature; when split levels create an enigmatic charisma... I can go on...

Enjoy the issue and we look forward to your feedback!

Savitha Hira
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High Style in 'Shoe Heaven'
Nick Leith-Smith Architects' reinvent their long-standing creative partnership with Spanish Shoe Designer, ManoloBlahnik at Harrods, London's fifth floor 'Shoe Heaven,' a 42,000 square foot salon dedicated to fine footwear...
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  Inspired by his client's eclectic outlook, Ar. Gaurav Roy Choudhury designs an intellectually stimulating 'Frame house'...
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  Vertical Living
  Interface Architecture ingeniously transforms a compact plot into a spacious residence using split-levels...
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Global Hop
  Architectural Renewal Project
  The New Central Library in New Zealand being designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects recognizes, in particular, the Ngai Tahu heritage...
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  Making the most of an Island Waterfront...
  Weiss Architecture' designed boathouse and docking facility has a stunning jack-pine clad glacier-carved granite shoreline...
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  Thought n Impact
  Community Bonding - Rehabilitation Architecture
  'Small Project of the Year 2014' award by WAF goes to the new library building - a rehabilitation response to China’s 2012 earthquake...
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Product Hub
  "The content at India Art n Design is great. In my opinion, the images could be much much bigger; let's say one image entire length of the page, which also acts as a story break. The title can then come below… Yellow could be a nice accent colour or the Indian saffron orange instead of the indigo colour. A section for cutting-edge materials/construction techniques would be a nice addition.
Ar. Amit Gupta
Co-Founder & Partner
Studio Symbiosis, Delhi
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