Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Purpose-driven Design; Thematic Interiors; Interior Styling & more


Design is driven by a sense of purpose; an aspirational urge that wants! This ‘want’ enjoys a shared ratio: client, designer, and at times, it is the ‘demand’ of the space that culls out various elements that coalesce into ‘design’. The Wave House as well as the Inward-looking Residence are homes that are purpose-driven with aplomb. They combine an innate well-being with intrigue and the vibe of living.

Thematic hotel suites, reinventing an ambience through materiality and of course, some pertinent decor advice make up our other interesting fare this week.

So, happy reading and happy commenting!!

Savitha Hira
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The Art of Displaying your Accessories
Accessorising one's interior spaces is no doubt an artistic expression - it is the imaginative blend of comfort and style, form and function...
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  Inward-looking Residence
  Split-levels, louvered balconies, indoor landscaping and floating spaces transform a compact plot into an airy home in Bangalore...
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Global Hop
  'Drift' - Nature...Engineered!!
  Drift - the mesmerizing 9-metre high sculptural installation at the Kempinski Hotel in Dubai is a strategically laboured surface design...
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  Anchored in Location
  Hospitality design offers a wide field for experimentation in design and visual appeal. Helen Brasinika plays on bespoke elements from the ship-building industry...
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  Wave House...by the beach!..
  Referencing the flow and ebb of a wave, Apollo Architects and Associates design a multi-level house in Japan in sync with the keen surfer-homeowner's delight!
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  "Thank you for giving a platform for Indian designers from various fields and providing an insight into where design is going internationally. Team India Art n Design, keep up the good work!"
Ar. Sunil Pillai
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