Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Is an all-neutral palette the new interior trend? How do ‘big’ structures affect us? Can professional success map career guidance? And more. Find out.


‘Largest’, ‘biggest’, ‘most luxurious’ are superlatives that qualify not merely a structure, but an experience, a cultural shift with an impacting resonance that becomes a way of life. The largest library in Scandinavia is a polygonal building flattering its waterfront; Bangkok’s most luxurious mall aimed at being a world-class entertainment, shopping and dining destination rests on a helical floor plate. What is more intriguing – more culturally impacting - the architectural vocabularies of these places or the sheer size of their aesthetic and functional footprint? What brings on the mind, and consequent lifestyle shift?

I would say it’s the architect/ designer’s narrative that weaves a brick-and-mortar edifice and breathes into it the soul of his sensitivity. Just like the large structures hold us in awe with their sheer scale and treatment, good small scale projects too tend to do the same. Just like Ar. Lessard has turned simple fish-selling into a literary experience or the way Chevallier Architectes have poetically chiselled chalet DAG amid snow-clad peaks. It is the cumulative of varied elements – built form, unspoken ethos... that make the final call!

While you rejoice in a diverse design language, I invite you to also ponder on fashion stylist Nikhil Mansata’s musings on a career as a stylist!

Enjoy the issue and tell us what you liked about it!

Savitha Hira
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Designing with Neutral Colours
A 2,500 sq. ft. three-storey row house in Goregaon, Mumbai, designed by principal architect Jimit Mehta of ARCHOS in just seven months, follows a simple yet elegant design thematic...
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  Career as a Fashion Stylist
  Young and dynamic Nikhil Mansata, who excels at this genre, talks about the little known aspects of being a Fashion Stylist...
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Global Hop
  Scandinavia's largest library opens in Denmark
  Dokk1 represents a new generation of modern, hybrid libraries and is the largest public library of its kind in the Nordic countries...
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  Luxury Mall in Bangkok
  One of the most anticipated luxury retail and entertainment districts in South East Asia - opened in Bangkok last week...
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  Of nostalgic images and fond recreations!
  Némeau Fish Store designed by Ar. Jean de Lessard attempts to recreate the imagery presented by legendary ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ ...
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  Home in the Alps
  The chalet DAG in picturesque Chamonix is an unpretentious hearth nestled in the snow, easily balancing modern living with rustic thought...
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