Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects| Purple Ink Studio| Studio AMATAM| Studio VARA| Design as a vocabulary and more


Design is a paradox! Time and again timelessness, classic design elements and contemporary fare are seen hand-in-glove chiselling eclectic ambiences and understated impacting interiors. As we go through our fare this week, we are once again in awe of how simplicity in design can work equally strong aesthetics as perhaps one in which multiple styles have been stylishly hammed together! The airport lounge at Copenhagen oozes dynamism in its simple arrangement and ethos as does the health club by studio AMATAM.

In the same vein, the minimalism of the Noe home with its dual entrances and the Courtyard House, both, evoke a sense of power of the built form itself. So there really isn’t any one facet that makes the mark; it’s a collective!

Enjoy the issue and Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a year full of joy, peace, wealth,wisdom and humility!

Savitha Hira
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Auspicious Silver
That is what silver is all about: a quiet subtle yet extremely sophisticated statement of style that enhances the ambience through its naïve presence at the appropriate time, at the appropriate place. Flaunt it this season...
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  Organic and Sustainable
  Climatology forms the crux of the design process for landscape, architecture and interiors of the Courtyard House in Bengaluru...
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Global Hop
  Delve into Morocco... the ZieZo Marokko way!
  Exhibition architects, Kossmann.dejong use ‘interaction’ as key in the design of ‘experience Morocco’ exhibition catering to the idiosyncrasies of a wide audience...
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  Comforting Expansion at Copenhagen Airport
  schmidt hammer lassen architects’ design of the 6,300 sq. m. expansion at Copenhagen Airport offers a new interpretation of the existing design...
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  The Retreat parfait!
  Step into a space of precise detailing showcased through Studio VARA’s meticulously designed Noe Residence.
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  Brand Exercise
  Estúdio AMATAM uplifts the brand identity of Tonik Health Club via smart use of colour and material, resulting in a refined and sophisticated environment...
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