Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Aquaponic Farming as a retirement solution| Guwahati’s iconic directorate complex| New disposable waste bin| Ar. Puran Kumar’s holiday home and more


Meeting new people and comprehending novel perspectives is an exercise in growth; an investment in the process of maturing. People tend to surprise you with their design thinking; their eye for the non-conspicuous. Such learnings abound, as we move from one project to another, culling out the distinctiveness of each topography and treatment.

Architect Nicolas Laisne’s treatment of the workplace, where a person spends maximum number of his waking hours shows a sensitised approach to the human psyche that is pressured from various routinic tidings. The proposed Home Farm with aquaponic vertical farming that could provide the retired with self sustenance in more ways than the monetary angle is another sensitive responsibility that Spark Architects render as a flourishing practice. Do check out these projects.

And of course, there are awards, accolades for great work being done by the seasoned and the emerging talents... loads to garner...

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Savitha Hira
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The Mango House: Simple and Organic
The quest to connect with the basic pleasures that nature bestows forms the essence of the design-and-build approach for the Mango House...
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  A Jewel in the Crown
  Assam Government's new Directorate Complex in Guwahati is an iconic modern architectural vocabulary etched in East-Indian symbolism...
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Global Hop
  Thought n Impact
  Retirement Housing: Adopting a healthier lifestyle!
  Spark Architects' striking approach to 'Retirement Housing' for the next generation wins the best future-experimental project at the 2015 World Architecture Festival...
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  Sustainable Regeneration
  A competition win, Japan’s first to be accredited with LEED ND Gold Standard (Pre-Certified Plan) is designed by collaborative design studio Conran & Partners...
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  The Dustbin - Reinvented!
  A simple exercise by Denmark whiz kids has revolutionized the conventional 'use me' boxes aka dustbins in wake of today's pertinent solution for waste management...
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  Turning the workspace inside out
  With a unique design that stresses on seamless integration of inside-outside, the 'Offices with Terrace' are sure to improve the quality of life at the workplace...
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