Wednesday, March 30, 2016

CEPT Archives – nuancing Indian architectural history| Calaa – the language of art and design | A ski chalet in Canada |3D printed petal dress and more


Like anything and everything else, globalisation is a phenomenon that has induced its highs and lows in our lives. While on the one hand, world cultures, cuisine and lifestyle choices have influenced us for the positive; on the other, especially for the globetrotters, it has raised the bar on what is unique and evocative or even representational at the other end of the scale.

This has led to newer patterns of approach to design and the novelty ultimately invades mass sensibilities as a whole. We have seen these trends, fads, whatever you may call them influence our thinking, attitude, personalities and lifestyles; yet they remain entrenched deep in the cultural medley of present times, periodically reinvented, redefined...

Our stories this week bring you a variety of design possibilities – from either end of the scale – artisan-machine and east-west design sensibilities merging into a product line; 3D printable material to meet current fashion demands; a deep look at learning from history among others...

We hope you enjoy the issue! Do please continue to write in to us with your comments and suggestions.

Savitha Hira
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CEPT Archives: assimilating nuances of lost architectural history
The new department of archives at CEPT, Ahmedabad holds in its midst rare gems of architectural representational styles - both, in drawings and design. IAnD probes and enlightens...
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  Calaa - the language of art and design!
  In a classic tale of East meets West, Dutch design Studio Mango is prepping to launch a sustainable and light-on-the-pocket designer brand...
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  Formally Funky
  Ar. Kanan Modi of El+D emerges triumphant with a simply-perfect contemporary design with all the trappings of global spatial standards...
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Global Hop
  Laurentian ski chalet: a visual delight - inside and outside!
  This modern ski chalet - a weekend retreat - commands 100-mile panoramic views over beautiful Lac Archambault in Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm, Canada...
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  Tech Style: Kinematic Petals Dress
  Kinematic Petals Dress uses a fold strategy, which reduces the size of the dress by 85%, making it printable as a single piece...
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