Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lighting design at Canada casino| Glass house as estate sales office| Aqua villa in the heart of Delhi | 10th Pune Design Festival and more


It is the season for celebration! Celebration of something new, something rejuvenated or innovatively reengineered something that helps your heart skip a beat and beat faster for design.
I am going overboard, aren’t I? Well, sometimes, it’s allowed, I guess.

Our pages are brimming with arresting imagery for you as we take you through a proposed aqua villa in the heart of Delhi with not just the swimming pool, but sustainability at the core of the design; an out-of-box, chic, glass-box-like sales office for an estate business house in Bengaluru; the renewed Lac Leamy casino with its top-of-the-line lighting design in Canada... not to forget the highly sensitised design sensibilities of furniture designer Frank Chou and the successfully accomplished tenth Pune Design Festival!

The call is to awaken to design... in your thought, your practice, your industrial footprints... holistically, everywhere, in everything!

Without much ado, enjoy the issue...

Savitha Hira
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A luxurious villa with sustainable solutions
In the heart of Lutyen's, Delhi is proposed a modern and transformative design for an aqua-themed villa, which emerges from and extends into the existing residential building, while smoothly blending into its surrounding...
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  Exploring the exponential power of design at Pune Design Festival 2016
  The recently-concluded tenth edition of Pune Design Festival saw a dynamic and rarified cerebral meet that attempted a self-effacing look at...
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  Identity - thy name is reinvention!
  Simple materials and a finger on the pulse of a potential client are the unpretentious tools that help FADD studio carve out the Alanoville marketing office in Bengaluru...
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Global Hop
  Avant -chic : Frank Chou's global language of furniture design!
  Designer Frank Chou’s furniture redefines ‘fusion’ and scores high points on quality and comfort…;
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  Casino Lac-Leamy: Creative Solutions with Light
  Four experts come together to define contextual elements and rejuvenate Casino Lac-Leamy in Gatineau, Canada…
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