Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Of Islamic art and artistry| The iphone of lugguage| A fairytale home in the woods| A visually connected home| and more

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Vol VI issue 15

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Every space has its calling. The tangible-intangible, when harmonious, create a narrative that communicates with the user on his metaphysical plane. Our issue this week is all about unique connections.

Check out our trending story by Collage Architecture. This visually connected home goes beyond spatial intelligibility to evoke a strong emotional connect. Experiencing the built form and nature almost simultaneously in this abode gives a new high!

A similar experience is evoked in the Al Sultan restaurant at Mayfair, London, where the designers IDEA interiors have woven a bespoke aura of mid-eastern architectural motifs, aesthetically presenting it in the now.

The vocabulary of subtlety and contextuality is reflected in the other projects too – Ar. Brinda Somaya’s prayer room for the Goa Institute of Management, Ar. Jean Verville’s fairytale home in the woods; KNS Architects’ monochromatic magic in a Mumbai apartment; Ar. Yoshitaka Uchino’s ingenious bookcircle as the highlight and most significant interior component in a Tokyo home... allude to bespoke design solutions that make a strong – very strong connect. Enjoy the issue! 

Savitha Hira
Gallery Pradarshak
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A visually connected house
Balancing traditional practices with a modern form, Collage Architecture designs and builds a home in Bengaluru that blends into the landscape, as interweaving spaces evoke a 'level play'...
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  In answer to one's inner calling!
  Ar. Brinda Somaya articulates space not just to define its requisite function but, to effect a more profound inner calling for a group of impressionable youth...
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Global Hop
  A fairy tale house in the woods!
  Stirring up memories from our cherished childhood stories, Ar. Jean Verville recreates a "fairytale" family cabin in Montreal, Canada...
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  Of Islamic art and artistry!
  Al Sultan in Mayfair, London reflects seamless synergy of technology, craftsmanship and design, establishing the perfect tone for an immersive narrative...
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  For the love of books
  Ar. Yoshitaka Uchino designs a circular bookshelf that functions as a partition and plays with light - as the mainstay of this compact home in Tokyo...
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