Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Learn to ‘wear-your-attitude’ with LFW |Who better than Arzan Khambatta to review scrap (book)!| Step wells inspire landscape design in Hyderabad and more


Dear IAnDians,

Last week has been celebratory in many ways. With sensitivity as the core ingredient of good design, our stories have taken us on a wide jaunt from visiting Mumbai’s Lakme Fashion Week and its brood of young achievers to the Chintels Corporate Park in Gurgaon, where the architect has ingeniously brought in the outdoors with gardens at almost every level of the multi-storey building. Its stepped green tables are a welcome sight in the usually-seen, closed, box-like structures that dot the skyline.

German industrial designer, Carlos Schreib caught our attention with his walking stick-cum-restive-seat-at-will as a sensitised gesture towards the senior and infirm. His prototype awaits productinisation. After traipsing across Riga in Latvia admiring the modular facade of the strategically located wedge-shaped multi-purpose building, we were once again floored by how our heritage of step wells and water mazes has inspired Penda Architects; their landscaping for the Hyderabad residential block is simply outstanding and rightfully our trending story.

Last but never ever the least – Architect and sculptor Arzan Khambatta reviews the book Trashures - giving you his insights along with some gems on ‘Best from waste’.

Let’s leave you to it as we get busy with more intriguing design stuff coming up in our next issue.

Savitha Hira
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Global Vernacular!
International design firm, Penda, known for their cross-cultural nuances are landscaping a residential society in Hyderabad - their inspiration: Indian step wells and water mazes!
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  Taking nature to the skies!
  The Chintels Corporate Park by Design Forum International is conceived as a boutique office complex, where efficiency meets clean contemporary aesthetics...
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  Lakme Fashion Week W/F 2016's Young Achievers!
  The ongoing Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016’s young award-winning designers are full of 'wear-your-attitude' spunk...
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Global Hop
  Simplifying the high of design!
  Design firm NRJA's newest design for a multifunctional office building in Riga is the epitome of simplification in design.
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  Thought n Impact
  Embrace: the warmth of sensitive design!
  German industrial designer, Carlos Schreib has conceptualised a single-module, easy-to-use walking stick that can double up as a restive seat...
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  IAnD Exclusive
  Light up your life!
  Lights no longer play the 'illuminator' role in home/ office interiors. Over the years, they have moved on to play a much more significant part...
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  Trashures: This book works on multiple levels!
  "Trashures is a book I completely relate to, as every idea, concept and thought is in synch with my creative journey," opines  Arzan Khambatta.
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