Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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What is it that drives the thirst for something new each time? Why do we have such a short satiation-quotient? What makes us critical despite the fact that we, ourselves may not be good at creating anything? Well, the answers to these and more are really hidden within a jamboree of simultaneously operating mechanisms that are rooted in our psyche and glimpsed through our personas.

So, at times, what may seem grotesque to us – say a bat installation – becomes a muse for a new idea that can be rejoiced in – like the Nature Concert Hall 2016, which has ingeniously used paper bats scenography in sync with its nature thematic. But off-the-cuff likes and dislikes apart, critiques ensue from awareness; and awareness is fed by reinvention.

This issue is packed with ideas – piezoelectric gardens talking technology; a photographer’s perspective enlightening insights into the mundane; new initiatives – like New Delhi’s bronze gallery; and much more…

Awaiting your feedback.

Savitha Hira
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Bronzed beauty!
Matrika Design Collaborative designs the Bronze Gallery at the existing National Museum, New Delhi, showcasing Indian Bronzes right from the Harappa Civilisation...
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  Landscaped Canvas
  Gallery G - foundation office for India's foremost modern artist, Raja Ravi Varma gets a beautifully landscaped wall; courtesy The Purple Ink Studio...
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Global Hop
  A traditional artist's traditional studio
  Clay and pottery artist Le Duc Ha's seven-metre-high terracotta studio is a beautiful cube-shaped, tropically-set building in clay bricks...
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  Through the eyes of a photographer!
  Eye Love You is a photography exhibition that immerses the viewer in a compelling show of emotions - through the lens of its creator...
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  Thought n Impact
  Techno-ready urban design!
  With China being the first to test its Straddling Buses, Ar. Margot Krasojevic is one step closer to introducing the world to another futuristic urban mechanism...
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  Reinventing installation art!
  Incorporating science, dramaturgy etc into one magnificent installation, Nature Concert Hall changes the way music and theatrical performances are held...
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